For Once

Mornings like this. Where you’re feeling like a storm Could settle over you, But you just want to enjoy your day For once. So you run. To a park. And lay on the grass Hoping for stillness. But the wind Is blowing your hair Into your eyes And you’re on your stomach Watching the wind … More For Once

A Repeated Tale

You know women confide into me And onto me and underneath me. They share their stories until my heart cracks To let them in. But they don’t need my pity Nor am I offering it. They need someone to house their pain For a little while because This world gets so so Heavy Sometimes. It’s … More A Repeated Tale

Daisy Amylase

It’s no surprise that when you see me Your mouth waters. And as your salivary glands prepare to digest me, I prepare to be swallowed whole. There are two types of digestion And I’m not sure which is worse. To be mechanically chewed to bits, Or to be eroded into mush. Mushy, gushy love is … More Daisy Amylase

Gold Series: 09

Who knew that rubbing our noses together Could quite possibly be the same stuff That love poems are made of? Or that your laughter could be the closest I’ll ever get to seeing colors swirling in my mind And coding my senses just from the sound of it? You immerse me in showers of gold … More Gold Series: 09

Gold Series: 08

I wonder a lot about movements: Wind that can cause a stray hair to go into my eyes, And blink with so much intensity that you begin to shine Or maybe you’ve always been that way. A steady stream of water slowly seeping onto rocks, Not unlike the way you came into my life and … More Gold Series: 08

Gold Series: 07

I think the happiest I’ve ever been with you Was that day we decided to stay in. As you boiled water for pasta you evaporated my fears That love is just a game we play. You grabbed my hand and began to twirl me around Your tiny kitchen so effortlessly. And I knew that I … More Gold Series: 07

Gold Series: 06

Gold Series Find the more from the series here (x) The intense way a sidewalk warmed By the hot Arizona sun burns my feet Is similar to the way your touch feels. Do you remember how you let ice melt Over my warm skin on that hot summer day in June? You were always so … More Gold Series: 06

Gold Series: 05

This is part of a poem series about being in love and feeling golden. Find the others in the series here: Gold Series. There’s a difference between gripping your hand for safety And relying on my own two hands to lead me to enlightenment. My hands were grasping green vegetation as we climbed that mountain; … More Gold Series: 05

Gold Series: 04

This is part of a poem series about being in love and feeling golden. Find the others in the series here: Gold Series. Sometimes when I look at you I have to blink quickly, Because you emit these rays that send sparks Down my spine and ignite my bones. I feel you in the deepest … More Gold Series: 04