For Once

Mornings like this.
Where you’re feeling like a storm
Could settle over you,
But you just want to enjoy your day
For once.

So you run.
To a park.
And lay on the grass
Hoping for stillness.
But the wind
Is blowing your hair
Into your eyes
And you’re on your stomach
Watching the wind
Do the same thing
To blades of grass.

As you watch your hair
And the grass beat in time
To some unheard rhythm,
With the wind as the musician–you wonder,
Is there a tiny bug down there
That can hear it?
Is it dancing along?
Your brain isn’t developed enough
To hear such intricacies.
The secrets of nature
Remain hidden to you.
An ant starts to crawl on you
And you hold your breath
To steady other senses
So that you can feel.

For once.

-mkm 5/27/2017


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