Daisy Amylase

It’s no surprise that when you see me
Your mouth waters.
And as your salivary glands prepare to digest me,
I prepare to be swallowed whole.

There are two types of digestion
And I’m not sure which is worse.
To be mechanically chewed to bits,
Or to be eroded into mush.

Mushy, gushy love is such a thickening thought,
But it’s not so sickening when
I get to be that way with you.
Gushy, mushy food.

And it’s hard to be so exposed.

And it’s tiring to be so shut off.
But it’s scary to see you
Open your mouth
In preparation.

You know I could go on and on
Listing the different types of digestive enzymes,
But I only have one in mind,
Amylase or you, I suppose.

There’s this neat experiment,
You could try it too.
Let the salty starch sit on your tongue
And as it’s broken down,

You begin to taste something sweet.
So even though I’m deeply rooted
Pluck me up and let me rest
On your tongue.

And I swear I’ll be sweet.

-mkm 3/25/14


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