Gold Series: 07

I think the happiest I’ve ever been with you
Was that day we decided to stay in.
As you boiled water for pasta you evaporated my fears
That love is just a game we play.

You grabbed my hand and began to twirl me around
Your tiny kitchen so effortlessly.
And I knew that I was right to be scared
When we first started dating,
Because no one should love someone this much.

That was the same day you told me,
‘I love you more than Kanye West loves Kanye West.’
And I was grinning in a way that I didn’t know was possible
For my doubtful, cynical heart.
For you to say, “I love you more than Georgia O’Keeffe
Loves painting flowers and calling them vaginas’
Was the first time I felt like someone honestly knew
What things made me laugh and cry.

You understand me in a way that no one else does
And that means the world to me.


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