Gold Series: 09

Who knew that rubbing our noses together Could quite possibly be the same stuff That love poems are made of? Or that your laughter could be the closest I’ll ever get to seeing colors swirling in my mind And coding my senses just from the sound of it? You immerse me in showers of gold … More Gold Series: 09

Gold Series: 08

I wonder a lot about movements: Wind that can cause a stray hair to go into my eyes, And blink with so much intensity that you begin to shine Or maybe you’ve always been that way. A steady stream of water slowly seeping onto rocks, Not unlike the way you came into my life and … More Gold Series: 08

Gold Series: 07

I think the happiest I’ve ever been with you Was that day we decided to stay in. As you boiled water for pasta you evaporated my fears That love is just a game we play. You grabbed my hand and began to twirl me around Your tiny kitchen so effortlessly. And I knew that I … More Gold Series: 07