Gold Series: 05

This is part of a poem series about being in love and feeling golden. Find the others in the series here: Gold Series.

There’s a difference between gripping your hand for safety
And relying on my own two hands to lead me to enlightenment.
My hands were grasping green vegetation as we climbed that mountain;
I remember feeling reckless and my heart was beating a thousand words per minute
All trying to dispel this thought that
I think I’m falling in love with you.
Or maybe I was just concentrating on not falling into the stream.
You knew I didn’t need your help and instead you beamed at me
As I climbed over to you and we shed our clothes to the wild nature.

That day I was able to cross out ‘skinny dip’ on my bucket list.
Goosebumps rose over the parts of me that daylight rarely sees,
But I let you see me and for once I didn’t feel exposed.
I will never get over the way you look at me.
The way your eyes drink me in used to terrify me,
But now I know that you helped me learn to love
That weird indentation in my right hip and all the other parts of me.

I remember pushing you away so forcefully on several occasions.
In my mind, I saw you falling off that mountain,
But you are so resilient.
I know.
I know, I’m not an easy person to love, but you keep climbing with me.

(It amazes me the way you let me make my own mistakes
And to be my own person while still being something new and bizarre with you.)


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