Literary Lion. Time Traveler

This is in response to this week’s Literary Lion, a weekly prompt. This week’s word was “Time”.

She sat on her bed painting her nails watching Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Currently, the scene where Hermione and Harry use the Time Turner to go back in time to save the day was playing. She remembered thinking about how she has had several experiences traveling back in time or even travelling to the future when she really thought about it.

No—not in the sense of using a time turner or a time travelling machine, but through her experiences.

She remembered sitting next to her mom’s hospital bed and reminiscing with her family about the good memories, things about their mom that made them smile and made them laugh. Reliving those moments with her family was like going back in time, because she could feel the exact emotions again.

Or when she was really missing her significant other, thinking back to some of their great moments made her feel better and made her realize how even though they were going to be in a long-distance relationship for the next couple of years, those memories made it worth it to keep trying to make it work and to make it last.

She remembered walking across campus in the middle of the night. Running through the grass barefoot and jumping into the fountain, splashing each other like they were kids. It was that night when she realized that you can love a person so much that it doesn’t seem possible to love them anymore, but it’s not true. We have this ability to love and love, and love some more.

Our hearts are very powerful like that.

Or sometimes she would think about a really important moment coming up, something that made her nervous like last year when she became the director of her department on campus. Yes, she had projected into the future and was completely experiencing a self-fulfilling prophecy, but to her there was nothing wrong with that. She was the director of her future. So yes, she had travelled to the future, because what she saw and what she wanted became reality.

Does that make sense? Or does that send off an alarm that this person is crazy?

Think about it. We are able to defy the passage of time that sometimes feels like we are slaves to.

Give it a try.


5 Replies to “Literary Lion. Time Traveler”

  1. I always wanted one of those time turners as a necklace 😉 Certain smells are the best time travelling memory evokers for me, they say it is the strongest sense for memory, and there are definitely certain smells that’ll take me right back to a certain moment in the past. It’s magical really.

  2. A great post with pithy thoughts…but as an experienced time-traveler I can tell you that what you hear of it is all glam-sham. When your machine develops a fault in the time and space of Nazi Germany, or when you run out of fuel in the era of dinosaurs – you experience its underside 😦

    1. Good point! There’s that one line in here also about how her boyfriend has trouble being in the moment, which is important too. Sometimes we are so busy planning or reminiscing, we don’t enjoy the now.

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