Mason Jar Monday. Goodness


She lay next to him and opened up like a sunflower reaching its petals toward the sunshine. That’s how it always felt being with him, like she was slowly becoming more beautiful and more comfortable in her skin. Being with him was warmth.

However, it was more than that.

Being with him was like being wrapped in a blanket of warm goodness. Security. As if this goodness coursing through her veins at the thought of him could shield her from the bad. This was important, because her life was far from good.

That being said she had learned the hard way that not everything was black and white, there were some gray areas and not everything could be separated into good versus bad.

This applied to everyone, including her boyfriend. For instance, he spent too much money on alcohol. Although, he never turned mean or anything, drinking wass expensive and also unhealthy when in excess. Or how he became consumed with what was most important to him during the work day. He had a hard time separating times when he wasn’t at work and if you tried to get his attention you couldn’t get it. Or how he was bad at remembering dates like her birthday or their anniversary.

She had learned that it was easy to fixate on the bad things so she actively began to reminisce on the good things and to be honest the “bad” things paled in comparison and weren’t so bad especially when she thought back on how he constantly tried to make himself a better person. It made her realize that she had a lot of things she needed to work on too. She was becoming a better person, because of him as well.

Overall, being together was nothing but pure goodness.

Please join me in Mason Jar Monday. Find the details here: Mason Jar Monday

The word for today is Goodness 🙂 You have a week to post for this word until I pull a new word next Monday.

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3 Replies to “Mason Jar Monday. Goodness”

  1. I will be participating one of these Mondays…right now bitten by the drawing bug… These bugs, they take turns with me, expecting to be turned over to the writing bug soon 🙂

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