Mason Jar Mondays

In efforts to create a feature of my own, to give me motivation to blog weekly, and to connect with fellow bloggers and readers, I am starting Mason Jar Mondays!

I am drawing inspiration from Literary Lion, which is definitely a more creative name than mine for sure. It was a daily post prompt that I participated this week and had a lot of fun with. It is a weekly challenge every Wednesday and if you are interested, I would check it out. I am hoping to put my own spin on it.

To me mason jars symbolize serenity. Mason jars remind me of my undergraduate career where I would drink my coffee or tea from a mason jar. I am reminded of the local coffee shops and tea house that I used to frequent, the aroma of caffeinated beverages, and the calmness that these places and things brought to me. Blogging has become a new sense of serenity and I would love to expand on this.

That brings me to this challenge.

Every monday, I will pick a prompt from my mason jar and write a short blog post (less than 500 words) or poem that is inspired by this prompt. The theme will be general blogging, short fiction, or poetry. Of course, I will tie it to my theme of “only connect” of finding connections in the people, places, and experiences of our past. I would love if you would join me! I will also include what I’m drinking whether it’s coffee, tea, or wine/beer. Let’s converse over drinks!

Once I get started the latest post can be found here: Mason Jar Monday




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