Gold Series: 01

This is part of a poem series about being in love and feeling golden. Find the others in the series here: Gold Series. Blink of an eye, Flick of the wrist, I move mountains In your mind With my whispers. Come closer for I am tired, And I have longed To rest My aching bones … More Gold Series: 01

Mason Jar Mondays

In efforts to create a feature of my own, to give me motivation to blog weekly, and to connect with fellow bloggers and readers, I am starting Mason Jar Mondays! I am drawing inspiration from Literary Lion, which is definitely a more creative name than mine for sure. It was a daily post prompt that … More Mason Jar Mondays

Non Sequitur

I’m a self-proclaimed mind wanderer. I feed off memories and sometimes feel like I’m stuck in the past, reminiscing on a fond or even painful memory. My mind gets distracted easily by something external or internal that triggers my thought process to change course. This is precisely why one of my (many) mantras is to … More Non Sequitur

So Pucker Up.

I read today that one kiss requires the coordination of a total of 146 muscles, Including 34 facial muscles and 112 postural muscles. Apparently, the most important muscle is the orbicularis oris, Because it is essential to the puckering of the lips. However, I’ve found myself more times than once laying like a statue As … More So Pucker Up.


Hello new visitors and old readers! I wanted to revisit my original intentions for this blog that I started a year ago. It took a shift that I did not expect when I first made this blog, although I do believe that I have stayed true to it. In high school, I had a teacher … More Reconnecting